Commesta OÜ

Global operator of commodities’ markets

About us

Commesta OÜ is founded by professional and experienced traders. We are a niche player specialized in working in the metallurgical and chemical industries.

We cover 21 countries via our network of reliable agencies and distributors

We work solely with certified producers and suppliers

We are active mainly with niche commodities

Our large, reliable and sustainable global network in industrial commodities adheres to high standards. The scrupulously selected suppliers and long-term buyers encourage our pursuit of further developing niche commodities, bringing added value to all our partners and shareholders. We welcome the opportunity to become your partner with the strong intention of developing mutual and sustainable life-long co-operation.


LC FeCr with: C 0,01%, 0,02%, 0,03%, 0,05%, 0,10%, 0,15%max MC FeCr with: C 0,50%, 1,0%max
HC FeCr with: C 6,0%, 6,5%, 7,5%, 8,0%, 8,5%, 9,0%max
+ special quality grades


HC/MC FeMn with 76-80% Mn
+ grades with special P and C contents


FeTi 68,70%
+ various middle-, and high-quality grades


FeV 50%, 75%, 80%
+ various grades with a special quality


АК5М2, АД-31, EN 42000, 43000, 43100, 43400, 46000, 46100, 46200, 46300, 47000, 47100, 48000
+ various special grades by order

Aluminium alloys for foundries

Al 87%min, 94%min, 97%min
+ various special grades

Deox Aluminium

Graphitized and Carbon scrap

Graphitized materials

FeSi powder/fines/chips
(0x3/3x10/0x10 mm)


Off-grade ferroalloys and pig iron

Metallurgical waste

Ni metallic 30-55%

Nickel Concentrate

90-99,9% Si
0x10 mm


95%/96%/97% Si min
0x5 mm, 0x10 mm, 10x50 mm, 10x100 mm

Silicon Metal

Мо, V, Ni - containing
5%-15% of the main element

Spent Catalysts from refineries and power stations' Ash

Nb 40-50%



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